Employ Health

We've helped Employ Health by understanding their business & understanding their customers.

We’ve been working in partnership with Employ Health since 2013.

Oliver and Matthew had experienced some great success with their new business and through utilising their contacts. Their strong skill set and unique approach to the industry was providing them solid leads, however their branding and website often made them feel uneasy – they believed it was not reflective of their calibre and costing them sales. Follow was tasked to to develop a new brand for the company, and to completely overhaul their website.

These were priority and we were also tasked with researching their category to create powerful and persuasive language to drive their communications. We spoke with many of their clients, and found that many of the messages were talked about in a way that we could leverage to drive new client acquisition.

Gaining insights into the issues the industry faced, the language that health and safety managers used vs the language of upper management, and the chain of decision making we found that two levels of communication was required – speaking to safety, and speaking to the bottom line.

These insights were developed into key headlines and copy throughout the website and marketing materials, and ongoing strategy. With their drive and our strategic support, the team has secured contracts with some of the world’s leading brands, and increased their footprint from QLD to all Australian states, and New Zealand is in their sights.

We continue to work closely as a team and love sharing in their success, and meeting their new team members as they grow.