Jagermeister & Southern Comfort Secret After Party

The secret side room, a hand-picked after party at Valley Fiesta

Follow worked with Jagermeister & Southern Comfort to host a secret Valley Fiesta After Party.

The mechanic: Dedicated hosts were scouting for guests at the Valley Fiesta who fit in with the brands’ target market and let them in on a little secret…they were invited to a special after party from 10pm-midnight that night, thanks to Jagermeister & Southern Comfort. Guests were asked for their mobile numbers and given a lanyard with some teaser information as below. They were then sent a text message at 930pm with all of the party details.

VALLEY FIESTA ‘THE SECRET SIDE ROOM’…A hand-picked after party.
Featuring A SPECIAL GUEST DJ… we are not allowed to mention.
A SECRET VALLEY VENUE…we are not allowed to tell you about.
Drinks & good times supplied by Jagermeister & Southern Comfort.

The concept and event proved to be a big success, held at an unused side room at the Elephant Hotel. Many Jager’s and SoCo’s were consumed and many dance moves were made to the sounds of Valley Fiesta headliner, Sampology.