Norbit - An award winning loyalty app for shopping centres

Pull people in. Reward them for spending. Delight them with unexpected prizes.


Australian’s love loyalty programs. “Are loyalty programs really rewarding loyalty or just purchase behaviour”?

This was the question we asked ourselves when designing Norbit. What we found was that the majority of loyalty programs are the latter. You get rewarded for spending money, and for permission to receive marketing.

What about all the other aspects of the customer journey? For example, when a customer decides they need some new clothes a range of decisions and emotions begin. What do I need, what brand, what shopping centre, should I buy online or in store, where’s easiest for me to go, should I go somewhere further that has more options, where do I feel most comfortable and so on.

We focused on shopping centre user journeys and ways to reward, inform, and surprise customers visiting their centres. We then established key moments in these journeys that we could provide a relevant experience. These included:

    • Before – customers consider what they need before choosing which store to visit. This can be influenced by deals and value adds.
    • At Entry – customers receive a welcome message and are rewarded just for entering the centre
    • While Shopping – customer research showed that deals were attractive from both retailers to promote their store, as well as shoppers looking to save money. Customers also wanted to be rewarded for their loyalty. Tactics include:
      • Deals – offered throughout the centre based on location, and updated frequently
      • Information – Customers receive information via push notifications
      • Competitions – customers have access to member only competitions
      • Unexpected experiences – Augmented reality, random rewards and scratch and win prizes are offered to surprise and delight users
      • Points – customers are rewarded for purchases
    • At Exit/Post Purchase – customers are rewarded for offering their feedback on the experience that day.

We are working with a series of focus groups of Norbit users to constantly improve the app, and develop supporting programs to keep customers engaged.