Redback Tech

The new inverter technology that old brands are scared of.

Redback Technologies is changing the game when it comes to solar. Their Smart Hybrid Inverter is designed to make solar energy, and storage of that energy accessible to all.

When we were first approached to discuss their project, consisting of their website and app design, we were up against a handful of companies. Redback Tech chose to partner with us because of our approach – the other agencies were talking to them about functionality and SEO/SEM, while we talked about understanding the market, best ways to communicate and persuade, and designing a website that would convert.

Working closely with the team at Redback Tech, we uncovered all the things that make them so different and exciting, developing the creative messaging, website copy, user experience, web design and development, their app UI and now work with them for all campaign work.

Be purposefully disruptive.

“The concept is bloody brilliant and highly disruptive. Really good job on this”.
Phil Livingston, Founder and Managing Director, Redback Technologies