Westfield Stylist's Apprentice

Follow were engaged by Westfield to deliver the Stylist’s Apprentice social media campaign with a public nomination and voting process, along with producing a warehouse finale event with guest judge and DJ, Ruby Rose.

The competition was held in a secret warehouse location at Westfield Garden City. The event showcased a short runway show put together by each of the five finalists who were selected from hundreds of applicants. In the lead up to the event the five finalists were put through weeks of fashion, styling and reporting challenges in order to determine which budding stylist had what it takes to be crowned the Stylist’s Apprentice.

The winner was given a paid job with the Westfield style team as a stylist and fashion blogger as well as being appointed the ‘Style Lounge Ambassador’. Needless to say, the opportunity would launch the career of the winning stylist.

“After entering the bottom level of Westfield Garden City, I was literally taken through a side corridor, past some industrial bins and into an unknown warehouse where the Stylist’s Apprentice Grand Finale was taking place.

Decked out with DJs, red carpet out the front, catwalk, multiple bars, amazing lights, two stages and a fashionable crowd, the venue looked much less like an unused warehouse and much like a Valley nightclub.”

Brisbane Times