Team Danny Green

Team Danny Green is a simple 9 week exercise, healthy food, and motivation program geared towards Aussie blokes.

Danny Green had a simple idea – how could he get the blokes of Australia off the couch and on track towards a healthier lifestyle? The idea came from his good mates and partners Mark and Stu during a training session with Danny. They wanted to bottle the approach of simple exercise, healthy food, and motivation that would keep guys engaged.

Follow was selected by the team to help bring the idea to live from the early stages. We worked closely with the Team Danny Green crew to design and develop the branding, copywriting, merchandise, and membership program with a fully integrated desktop and mobile experience, plus the design and development of their iOS and Android apps. With such a beast of a project, we’ve been there to support the TDG team and their members to continually take feedback and refine the project as we go.

The 9 week program has smashed it with every day blokes becoming the bloke they’d rather be.